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Road transport: passengers

These pages show emissions and energy consumption for passenger road traffic, measured in grams per kilometre or passenger kilometre. The term passenger kilometre represents the transport of one passenger over one kilometre.

The given numbers are representative of the situation in Finland.

Values used for computing unit emission factors are available in the background data table.

Passenger cars

Gasoline driven
Diesel driven
High-blend ethanol car (FFV)
Gas driven
Electric cars
Passenger cars on average
Passenger cars on average, SHORT

Buses and coaches

City buses, diesel driven, arterial roads
City buses, diesel driven, streets
City buses, gas driven, arterial roads
City buses, gas driven, streets
Electric city buses, streets
Coaches, highways
Coaches, streets
Buses and coaches on average

Two-wheelers and microcars

Two-wheelers and microcars on average