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LIPASTO - a calculation system for traffic exhaust emissions and energy consumption in Finland. the system is developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

This website introduces the LIPASTO calculation system and its results. The system consists of submodels for each transport mode and working machines (emission inventory) and unit emission factors for vehicles and working machines.

All material on these pages is public and can be cited with a reference to the source.

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Unit emission figures for road traffic updated with 2012 data ().

Emission inventory results for base year 2012 published ().

  1. Inventory of the traffic emissions

By traffic emission inventory we mean the calculation of emission amounts. Most commonly the result of the calculation gives the amounts of emissions by vehicle group in a region (tonnes/year). LIPASTO system covers emissions from years 1980-2012 and a forecast until year 2032.

The links below direct to the emission models of the four traffic modes and the calculation results of the models. In addition, below also the links to the work machine Web sites can be found.  The unit emission Web sites are on the right.
LIISA 2012 - road traffic
RAILI 2012 - railway traffic
MEERI 2012 - waterborne traffic
ILMI 2008 - air traffic
Base year 2012 - All traffic modes
TYKO 2012 - working machines and off-road vehicles
2. Unit emissions of traffic

By unit emissions we mean vehicle emissions per transported mass or passenger and distance unit (g/tonne-kilometre, g/person-kilometre). Unit emission data is needed for example in calculation of emissions of a single vehicle or vehicle fleet or total emissions from the transport of products of a production plant.

Unit emissions - main page
Freight transport - road traffic
Freight transport - rail traffic
Freight transport - waterborne traffic
Freight transport - air traffic
Passenger transport - road traffic
Passenger transport - rail traffic
Passenger transport - waterborne traffic
Passenger transport - air traffic
Off-road traffic
Working machines