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LIPASTO - Transport scenarios

LIPASTO - calculation system is developing and changing its focus to become more forward-looking.
Future scenarios of transport in Finland can contribute to the transition to fossil free transport.

LIPASTO- scenario models have been developed at VTT since 2021.
Newest model is a completely renewed road transport scenario model ELIISA,
which can produce various scenarios of the development of vehicle fleet and its
energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Finland.
Model can be used in assessing impacts of changes caused by policies and measures.


In fall 2021, VTT has produced a baseline scenario for road transport in Finland for the Ministry of Transport and Communication.
In addition, VTT produced a baseline scenario for emissions of non-road mobile machinery in spring 2021 for the Ministry of Environment.

Baseline scenario for road transport (in Finnish)
Baseline scenario for non-road mobile machinery (in Finnish)