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LIPASTO - Transport emission inventory home page

LIPASTO - a calculation system for traffic exhaust emissions and energy use in Finland. The system is developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

LIPASTO models were thoroughly renewed during 2013-2015. These pages concern the renewed system. Figures of earlier versions can not be compared with these results.

This website introduces the LIPASTO calculation system and its results. The system consists of submodels for each transport mode and working machines. All material on these pages is public and can be cited with a reference to the source.

New updates will be published on these pages in the spring/summer following the calculation year.

 The links below direct to the emission models of the three traffic modes and the calculation results of the models. In addition, below is a link to a non-road emission site.

LIISA 2018 - Road traffic
RAILI 2018 - Railway traffic
MEERI 2018 - Waterborne traffic
TYKO 2018- working machines and off-road vehicles