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LIPASTO - calculation system for traffic exhaust emissions and energy use in Finland

LIPASTO is a calculation system developed and maintained by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. It is used to calculate transport emissions and energy consumption in Finland, covering road, rail, waterborne and air transport as well as working machines.

LIPASTO has been funded between 2013-2017 by Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of the Environment and Statistics Finland.

LIPASTO comprises the following two parts:

Transport unit emissions

The unit emission database covers emission factors for operating vehicles and working machines, measured in mass units and allocated to each passenger or tonne of freight transported over one kilometre (g/tkm, g/pkm).

Transport emission inventory

The total annual emissions and energy consumption from each transport mode in Finland are calculated using separate mode-specific sub-models. Calculations are run every spring, and the results are used in national and international emission reporting.